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Shine Like a Unicorn

A hilarious unicorn gives the 9 secret steps in how to stand out in a crowd

Shine Like A Unicorn

(A funny SEL picture book)

Learn how to be a unicorn and embrace your unique self in this hilarious SEL picture book.

Do you want to shine like a unicorn? Of course you do! My name is Glitter Poop and I’m here to show you in nine secret steps how to be a UNICORN. Warning: It’s not always easy being a unicorn. Unicorns are special and totally uni-que. We have crazy names, know how to stand out in a herd, love to ask questions, and always search for the bright side. Most importantly, we make our own magic!


"Embellished with rainbows, confetti, doughnuts, and joy, Frost’s buoyant art rises to Glitter Poop’s energy. A rousing call to action at the end unifies all unicorn-storytime devotees. Who better than a mythical being to share how to be exceptional?” — Kirkus Reviews

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