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An author visit is an opportunity to hook young readers, keep them reading, and serve their creativity, writing, and imaginations for years to come. It’s an investment, for sure, one I wholeheartedly believe is worth making.

Top 3 Reasons Why Authors Charge Honorariums:
1. This is our job. We are professionals, and this is how we make our living as an author.
2. Book sales do not cover visits. Most authors earn between $.50 and 1$ per book.
3. The fee covers more than the daily visit. It also covers time spent preparing,
traveling, and time away from writing.

Here are some ways to get funding for school visits:
Yes, you can use Title 1 funding!
Some FUNraising ways you and your kids can raise money together!
Other ways to get funding that pays for school visits.
List of different national and corporate grants that pay for school visits.

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