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Farm Friends series

The Farm Friends books provide a delightful connection to agriculture for elementary students. You can’t help but fall in love with the main characters, Poppy and Vincent Van Goat. The National Center for Agricultural Literacy enthusiastically recommends the books as companion resources with early elementary Matrix lessons. - Lynn Wallin, Educational Specialist, National Center for Agricultural Literacy.

Farm Friends is an early chapter book STEAM series that follows the adventures of Poppy, a young girl who lives on a farm with her family, a variety of friendly animals, and her mischievous pet goat, Vincent Van Goat.


The series explores the joys and hard work of farm life, family, and friendship. It combines fun and education, introducing young readers to the wonders of farm life, the importance of determination, and the bonds humans have with animals and nature.  Each book will focus on Poppy and her adventures with Vincent that will captivate early readers and leave them eagerly anticipating the next farm-tastic story. Be careful. Watch out! It will also make them want a pet goat of their very own.

Heading 6
Poppy is determined to win a blue ribbon for her cucumbers at the county fair. But Vincent Van Goat eats the cucumbers before the big day!

Poppy must come up with a new plan before the fair.

Can Poppy win a blue ribbon?
Poppy can’t wait for her hen to have chicks. But when she checks the coop, she realizes the eggs aren’t going to hatch.

Poppy knows a way to help—she can hatch her own eggs.

Can Poppy hatch the eggs for Dottie?
The annual Pumpkin Festival is a month away, and Poppy is in charge of the goat races. But Vincent Van Goat isn't interested in racing.

Poppy is determined to make him a star.

Can Poppy find a way to help Vincent shine?
Teacher’s Day is Monday! Poppy and her friends are excited to celebrate Ms. Green but they forgot to get a present.

Poppy decides they can make soap on the farm. 

Can Poppy and her friends come up with a gift in time?
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