For the Loves Science series

Words and pictures combine to make smooth blend of entertainment and education that may be useful in early elementary classrooms. An appealing concoction.” —School Library Journal

For Theo TheSaurus

Younger logophiles may savor the wordplay and appreciate the “Defino-Dino” who occasionally pops into view with a helpful definition—Kirkus Reviews

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"Fans of the series that began with CeCe Loves Science (2018) will enjoy this beach-themed exploration.

The brightly colored images rival those of Dreamworks or Disney in cuteness and charm while also providing information. Equipped with a checklist, Vivi and Graeme enthusiastically explore, best practices for safe (for both humans and wildlife) beachcombing effortlessly folded into the narrative. A nifty way to help young learners see the beach through the lens of science." - Kirkus Reviews


"Joining the ranks of strong girls in STEM [is] Libby . . . Brightly colored artwork bubbles with Libby’s enthusiasm . . . This book is a natural fit for classroom science units and home use." - Booklist

"The wonderfully diverse array of characters sport jubilant expressions as they search for, plan out, and try different experiments, from researching and working with ingredients to observing their results. VERDICT A successful marriage of solid information and good fun, this book expresses a love for the topic that will encourage kids to follow their curiosity and develop their own appreciation for science." - School Library Journal


"The diverse characters are accessible and fun. Murray’s bright, cartoon illustrations, patterned after Harrison’s aesthetic, generate excitement around their adventures. ...Science lovers will be happy to continue collecting these titles, and the incorporation of well-loved activities like cooking and making slime just may convert science skeptics into science lovers too. Sure to inspire real-life experimentation. (science facts)" - Kirkus Reviews


"Derting and Johannes model the practical uses of STEM ...this volume continues to build out their worthy message about girls embracing science." —Publisher's Weekly


"A wonderful book for fans of Ada Twist; it is also perfect for a STEM read-aloud. The array of adept female characters are sure to become reader favorites, as will Einstein." - School Library Journal

"Cece's checklists and notes are interspersed throughout, Magic Schoolbus-style, and an endnote defines science terms. Smart girls, friendship, and fun: a winning combination." - Kirkus Reviews


"Harrison’s clean, bright illustrations add expression and personality to the story. ...this endearing protagonist earns a place on the children’s STEM shelf. A good introduction to observation, data, and trying again.” - Kirkus Reviews

“Cece is a smart and curious girl who loves to get to the bottom of all her complex questions. ...Harrison’s expressive digital illustrations have a lot of energy, color, and motion...A fun way to introduce scientific methods.” - Booklist

"It’s a good read for children, especially those interested in STEM.” - The Houston Chronicle

“'Cece Loves Science' is all about the joys of STEM education...inclusion at its finest, operating as a window into a world to which we can all aspire.” - My Statesman