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I love visiting schools and libraries to talk to kids/teens about books! It's the whole reason I write. I’m available for school visits, book signings, writing conferences, book clubs, and all things book-related. Because I write for all ages, I am comfortable speaking to kids K-12 in any forum from the classroom to an assembly. You can find testimonials from schools and libraries on my Testimonial Page for Educators.


Please email me at shelli@srjohannes.com for more information on programs, standard fees and/or custom workshops.​


Possible Programs* - Session, 1/2 day, Full Day (Can be Customized to Current Curriculum)

I provide programs for audiences of 10 - 300 (large assembly, classroom)

 - CECE Reading* - (K-3) includes reading my picture book, CECE Loves Science, and discussing what they learned (30 min)

 - CECE Reading and Writing* - (K-3) includes reading CECE and discussing writing (the three things every book needs: plot, character, setting) (45 min)

 - The Writer in You (4th-5th) - A creative writing topic that talks through the nuts and bolts of writing. (60 min)

 - Turn that Page (6th - 12th) - A creative writing topic that talks about suspense and raising the stakes through more than action (60 min)

 - The Passion is US (6th-12th) - An inspirational talk about finding your passion and following your dreams, esp in the arts, (60 min)

*Includes bookmarks for every student and signing time. The workshops also come with a Study Guide, Reading Questions, and Activities that directly correlate to Common Core standards so Title 1 funds may apply.

Educator/Faculty/Media Center Programs:

I do professional development workshops on teaching staff how to to teach students writing across multi-modal and multi-subjects. Example: Writing tips and activities in subject areas across various genres (including science, social studies, and literature).

* How to teach writing to students (professional development)

* Using technology to connect readers and authors virtually 

* Using Fiction to Emphasize Science or STEM topics (presented at GA Libraries NSTA, NerdCamp, 

* Teaching using multi-genre/multi-modal writing (professional development) - originally presented at NCTE/Atlanta

Skype/Virtual Visits (payable up front)

This is a great option for schools with a tight budget.

I do visit in classrooms or libraries anywhere in the world! The number of kids is limited.

* Free 30-minute SKYPE visit for any class that has read one or more of my books!

* I also provide longer visits for a small honorarium.