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I am available on Zoom or Skype for any virtual readings, author visits, or book clubs!


5 Benefits of an Author Visits for Students:

1. Encourage kids to read.

2. Empower students to follow their dreams.

3. Teach them how to write.

4. Shows important of creativity.

5. Supports literacy and reading curriculums.

I love visiting schools and libraries to talk to kids about books! I’m available for school visits, book signings, writing conferences, book clubs, and all things book-related. Because I write for all ages, I am comfortable speaking to kids K-12 in any forum from the classroom to an assembly. 

You can find testimonials from schools and libraries on my Testimonial page. I also provide a list of topics under Programs.

Feel free to email me at for more information on programs, standard fees, and/or custom workshops.​

Author Visit Inquiry Form

Thanks for submitting! I can't wait to meet your students! :)

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