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Loves Science series

For more about the Loves Science series, visit the website!

The Loves Science books introduce readers to basic concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math, and are perfect for the classroom.This STEM series is perfect for fans of Ada Twist, Scientist, and anyone who enjoys asking questions.

Meet Vivi!
She loves marine biology!

Vivi Loves Science Cover_edited.jpg

Meet Libby
She loves chemistry!

Libby  JKT VAD 2_edited.jpg
Vivi ICR Wind Water_edited.jpg
Libby Mix and Measure cover_edited.jpg

April 30, 2024

Meet Cece
She loves zoology!

Cece Loves Science and Adventure_edited.
Push and Pull_edited.jpg

For more about the LOVES SCIENCE series, visit our website! More "I Can Reads" coming soon

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