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Have you always wanted to be a writer? No, not until I was pregnant with my daughter.

Where do you get your ideas? News or something someone says.

How long does it take you to write a book? 3 months

Do you plot out your books or write organically? PLOT!

What is your writing schedule? When I can...

What is your advice for newbie writers? Keep going... it's easy to give up.

What are some other jobs you’ve had in the past? Corporate America sucked me i for many years. I got out!

Do you read all your emails? Always!

Favorite Movie of All Time: Grease

Favorite Comedy Movie: Central Intelligence

Favorite Romance Movie: The Notebook

Favorite Fantasy Movie: Any Lord of Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars

Favorite Music Genre: Acoustic

Favorite Song of All Time: Hallelujah

Favorite Book of All Time: Travels with Charley

Favorite Comedian: Jim Gaffigan

Favorite Author: James patterson

Favorite Color: Ocean Blue

Favorite Food of All Time: Cheese dip

Favorite Candy: Minstrels/Dark Chocolate

Favorite Drink: Vodka martini, straight up, filthy, extra olives

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday

Favorite Poem: Two Roads Diverged