3 S.R. Johannes: Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

Make Your 

What Grace would say: "Mark your mark on the world - a little every day."

Everyone - no matter what age - can make a difference - whether it be in conservation or in something else that you believe in. Sometimes we think we can't do anything that will matter. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing. 

You can make a difference - one small step at a time.

I can come talk to your school about how they can "make their mark" in their school, community, and lives.

Nature of Grace

To find out more about the Florida Panthers in Unstoppable:

1.Read about the endangered Florida panther.
2.Help save the Florida panther by donating to the conservation fund dedicated to their ongoing protection and survival.
3. Sign a petition to save the Florida panthers.
4. Adopt a Florida panther as a gift for someone special.

To find out more about the red wolves in Uncontrollable:

1. Find out more about the Red Wolf Recovery Program
2. Learn about the Red Wolf Re-establishment Program at Alligator River National Refuge.
3. Sign a petition to bring back the red wolves or to save them from extinction.
4. Learn about the timeline of the red wolf.

To find out more about the black bears in Untraceable:

1) Sign my petition on Change.org to close the bear pits in Cherokee, North Carolina.
2) Find out how the game show host, Bob Barker, has been working to close the bear pits.
3) Help Peta in their work to close Cherokee bear pits.
4) Join organizations that are helping to stop the illegal trade and poaching of the black bear such as WSA.
5) Find out more from WWF about bear illegal trading and the bile trade in Asia.

6) Find out about some campaigns to stop illegal wildlife trade.


Pura Vida Bracelets - You can get these cute bracelets and give back to a nature cause of your choice.

Adopt an Animal - You can send a cute package to someone and celebrate a favorite animals.