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Saturday, February 07, 2015

Why Writers Make Great Friends

Why Writers Make Great Friends

Now, that isn't to say that anyone of any other profession isn't a great friend, or doesn't do the things on this list- there's just something about writers that's just downright...well, out there. And that can make for some of the best times! As writers we have super creative brains that are on the go 24/7, and it's pretty hard to stop our imaginations once they're on a roll. So, without further ado, here are some reasons why being friends with a writer is never boring! 

1. We Make Any Situation Fun 

What is that you say? It's raining outside, your car won't start, and the power just went out in your house? Evil forces are attacking, I'll be right over! Oh? Not evil forces? Must just be a momentary lapse in the time/space continuum. My time machine can fix that.

2. We'll Put You in Our Books

Now, this one can be good or bad. But when it's good, that means you'll probably get a debut-best- friend-role in chapter four, complete with an awesome car and quirky personality. And probably some strange hair color that clashes with the social norm. Just go with it. 

3. We'll Act Weird in Public

There really isn't much that embarrasses us. We'll win any weird competition and then come back for more. When you spend all day every day thinking up strange characters and writing their life stories down, making faces in Walmart is kind of second nature. 

4. We're Empathetic

It's a writer's job to understand feelings and react to them. So if you're having a super bad day and need someone to listen, chances are we'll be there. Not only that, but we'll have thought of everything you need before hand- chocolate chip cookie-dough ice cream, anyone? Yeah, it's our writing snack of choice and we bought two.

5. And, Finally, We'll Write you Letters

Whether it's by snail mail or email, little post-it notes on the fridge or funny reminders on the bathroom mirror, you'll always have something to read. Writers deal with words every day and love to write them, so our communication method of choice is paper or screen. Besides, who doesn't want to get a letter?

So remember- the next time you're with your writer friend, feel free to crack a funny face and ask for a pint of ice cream. Chances are we'll have both.


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