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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Different Types of Book Lovers

The Different Types of Book Lovers 

Hello all, Ashley here! As a book lover you've probably noticed by now that there are many types of book lovers, of all sorts and kinds, and we love them all. Whether you're that one kid who reads nothing but sci-fi, or the girl in the corner with the newest Nora Roberts each week, we appreciate you. So, here is a list of the various types of book lovers out there (so far), and what they tend to reach for at the library.

1. YA Fanatic

Yes, the best kind of people, the YA fanatics. Those book lovers who love Young Adult novels are owning the spotlight right now, because YA is such a thriving community of love and rainbows and horribly misunderstood protagonists with supernatural powers. Seriously. If it's about a teenager whose touch can kill, has wings growing out of his or her back, or is suddenly blessed with the gift of foresight, we're probably into it. 

2. The Romantic

Not much to be said here, except go you. You love everything love triangle/breathtakingly impossible related and you're not afraid to own it. Most days you enjoy curling up with the newest Nicholas Sparks/Nora Roberts installment, and you don't even care that none of these people exist. Because they totally do, in your head. 

If you're a bird I'm a bird.

3. The Movie Goer

You make it your job to read the book before seeing the movie. Like, basically, if you were to see the movie first you might implode and the world would start rotating in the opposite direction. Because let's face it, the book is always better, and you want to be able to say that over and over again in the theater as accurately as possible. 

Honestly, you are a fantastic human being. 

4. The Classic Reader

So you're pretty much only interested in classic literature. And hey- that's cool! Bloodthirsty teenage arenas and kids with magic wands aren't your thing, and that's okay. You prefer the wise words of Dickens and Whitman and Austen- and you have every right to! You also really like watching Shakespeare and sipping tea from a china cup, but we won't judge (too hard).

5. And, Finally, the Comic Book/Manga Lover

You love everything that looks like it's moving on the page, and you aren't afraid to show it. If the characters have huge eyes, cool powers, and a variety of hilarious sidekicks, well, you're set! You're often seen hidden in the back of the library next to the graphic novel section, sitting in a pile of books and planning your next cosplay. 

And that's it! A few types of book lovers to look for. If you have any other types, leave them in the comments below!



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