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Monday, June 11, 2012

From Indie to Indie

It is no big secret that I love all bookstores but local indies are very special.

What do indies offer that big bookstores don't? They add the heart to Bookland not just a face.

1) Everyone in an indie is knowledgeable about all the books and you know they loves books as much as you do.
2) The bookstore helps the community thrive and contributes to local businesses. Most local stores give back to the community it lives in.
3) The overall ambiance is different and unique in every store. Not all the same. Books stacked to the ceiling. Some in random piles. The smell of books and newspapers. Small coffee areas. It's like reading at home.
4) They provide a physical place for book discussions and book clubs within your neighborhood.
5) They read the books they order.

So yay! Indie bookstores are slowly starting to carry indie books :) It's hard because of the risk on returns and such but some are starting to sell on consignment and a few are stocking books as well.

What a great partnership! Indie to indie.

If you have a local indie close to you - go to IndieBoung.org to find out which books you can buy.

Even though you can get books through Amazon and B&N, wouldn't it be nice to order book from indies all over the US.

Here is Untraceable's link.

Here's a chance to shout out a cheer for your local bookstore. Leave a link in the comment and tell everyone your favorite indie bookstore?


Heather said...

Unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere (seriously, I like to call it pergatory) so we don't have any local indie stores. :( But I LOVE them too!

Cherie Reich said...

Indie stores can be great. They recently closed one in our area, though. It's pretty sad because they were all about authors and helping them out.

Kim Kasch said...

Only one...? Impossible.

Broadway Books: http://www.broadwaybooks.net/

Annie Bloom's Books: http://www.annieblooms.com/

Laurel Bookstore in Oakland, not a local one for me, but worth a stop if you're in town:


Jemi Fraser said...

Our indie bookstore closed a few years back. So sad. I loved that store!

Natalie Aguirre said...

We just started having our critique group meetings at our Indie bookstore. We have a good one.

Caroline Starr Rose said...

We've got three great indies in town: Alamosa Books, Bookworks, and Page One.

Heidi Willis said...

Can you believe I live in one of the biggest sprawling suburban areas in the country, just minutes from the nation's capital city, and there aren't any real indie bookstores here??

The ones considered "indie" are museum bookstores (like, in the Smithsonian) and hospital gift stores. I was more than disappointed when I searched them out to do book signings.

I love indie bookstores, though, and I hope as the bigger mega-stores are struggling, some of these find new life. I love that Ann Patchett is starting her own. Inspiring!