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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Showing The Love: Looking for Guest Posters

I will be out of pocket the week of March 31st. So I was thinking I could help some other bloggers get some exposure by getting guest posts lined up. I'm not saying I'm the bomb but I do have a good following and would like to get some other blogs out in front of people.

So here is how it goes:

Submissions start today and will end Fri, Feb 17th. You can email them to me at shelli@srjohannes.com

You can send me:

  •  a guest post or a proposal (though I will say the actual post would be more persuading) on any topic related to writing, marketing etc. 
  • a bio
  • You can also include a 1 or 2 sentence pitch in your post for the agents and editors that come by

What I will offer you for helping :)
If I choose your post (I am looking for 5 to run April 2 - April 5th) - to thank you for posting for me, here is what I will do in exchange:

  • You will get exposure for your blog on here 
  • I will tweet and Facebook your post. 
  • I will seek help from The Indelibles to RT your post.
  • I will offer a daily giveaway for those who comment on your post. 

That's it!

Fun right?


Robin Reul said...

Cool! Just sent one your way!

Rebekkah Ford said...

Great! I'll be emailing you a post and bio shortly. Thanks for doing this. I appreciate it. :)