3 S.R. Johannes: Friday's Marketing Round up (9/4)

Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday's Marketing Round up (9/4)

Here are my marketing favs for the week: :)

How to Get Twitter - there's also no service that more people say they "don't get"--including some very smart, hip people. Maybe this will help!

Chris Richman's (UpStart Crow Literary) Thoughts on Social Networking. Writers out there are struggling with the same issues. What should be on your Facebook page, your blog, your Twitter updates? Will you hurt your chances by posting something seemingly innocuous that could offend the wrong person? Possibly.

How to promote on a teacher's salary? Ok so we are not teachers but writers are in the same range on salary category. This teacher/author shares ways (on blog talk radio) on how to do promotion on a budget.

Using hashtags on Twitter for business
- Hashtags are essentially a simple way to catalog and connect tweets about a specific topic. Find out how they can be used.

Book Trailers can be so much more!
Book trailers promote books like Movie trailers promote movies.

Preparing an author for an interview - Review the basics of interviewing.

Have a great weekend!


T. Anne said...

Wow tons of helpful tips thanx!!!!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

I think it's a little funny that Upstart Crow would tell writers to be careful what they blog about when they got political on their blog and offended people not long ago.

Thanks for the links! :)

Anita said...

Oh, man! So much to read! Thanks for putting it all together in one nice package.

Christina Farley said...

These are great. I really want to do a trailer. Sounds like so much fun!

Larissa said...

Great info, thanks! :)

Tabitha said...

Another great post. :) Your blog is always chock full of great information, which I need because I am a Marketing Moron. :)