3 S.R. Johannes: Friday's Marketing Round up 9/25)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Friday's Marketing Round up 9/25)

Book update
I have finished my last big round of edits for Alyssa. I must say she and Lyuba have bettered my book by at least 200%. Sometimes you don't realize how much more your book can improve until someone pushes you. One great thing about an agent. They are kinda like a personal trainer. Just when you are about to call it a day - they make you do another set that burns but shows results. (good analogy right!) They both have been amazing in helping me flush out the right things and I feel really good about the end result. I am currently waiting on some line edits which should be here this weekend and I plan to turn them around. We hope to go to sub the first or second week of Oct! Wish me luck!

Marketing Favs!
I am doing this today because I am heading to Midsouth tomorrow to speak on Marketing, hang out with my writer buds, and meet a great faculty team including Chris Richman (Upstart Crow), Cheryl Klien (Scholastic), Kaylan Adair (Candlewick) and more!

Here are my marketing favs for the week:

Questions about Book Trailers - Writer and Chicago Film maker, Daniel Kraus, discusses Book Trailers with Cynsations Cynthia Leitich Smith

Google Book Promotion - 5 EZ Ways - Here are five things Google offers that you should consider using to connect with readers and promote your books.

Self publishing isn't for everyone - The traditional media loves a good Cinderella story and, lately, so do folks who spread the gospel online of self-publishing.

How book publicist can be trust agents?
Getting mainstream coverage is more and more difficult. Budgets are tight. What’s a book publicist to do?

Tools of Change online conference - Join us on October 8th for this half-day online conference to explore the state of the art of electronic publishing. This single track and interactive event will dive deep into three areas of innovation and opportunity.

Guide to understanding replies, mentions and Direct messages on Twitter - The goal of this piece is to help well-meaning people from inadvertently annoying others on Twitter, or worse, accidentally sharing private information publicly.

Have a great weekend!


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Shelli's got a personal book trainer---I want one! I love the analogy and can't wait for you to be subbing it, so I can buy it sooner!
The Bob Baker Google tips were great,too.

Lisa Schroeder said...

I mentioned you on my blog today! :)


Suzanne Young said...

Personal Trainer IS the perfect analogy!!

And I know your book is going to ROCK!

Kim Kasch said...

Thanks for the links. Hope you have a great trip.

Lazy Writer said...

Congrats on completely your edits. Thanks for the links. Have a good trip.

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thanks for the great post.
You have a nice site here.
I found you via Lisa Schroeder's post on her site.
I'm a Member of your site & Follow you on Twitter now.
All the best,

Corey Schwartz said...

Yes, I agree... Perfect analogy! Love getting the book updates!

Kelly H-Y said...

SO very true! I once had an editor suggest changes. My first reaction was one of ... well, OK, but it's super as it is. So, I made the changes (which required more research and big additions (which also meant taking away some other stuff)) ... and I couldn't believe how much better the manuscript was in the end! :-) Too funny!

Sharon Mayhew said...


Congrats on your success so far. I'm just begining my journey. My first story is going to be published in Knowonder magazine next month.

Have author's always done book trailers? Up until recently, I'd never heard of one for books, only for movies.

Thanks for signing up to be a follower on my blog.

Jessie Oliveros said...

When you got an agent, wasn't it with Grace? Maybe I'm wrong, but was your tween ghost story finished yet? I'm just trying to put in perspective how much you have done between getting an agent and now.

Shelli said...

Jessee -

You are right! I got an agent with my "Grace" sub but Alyssa had seen a partial of "Bright". Alyssa wanted to rep both but she felt the Angel book was more marketable right now. So instead of focusing on "Grace", she had me finish writing "Bright" to sub in sept/oct. That is what I have been doing all summer!!! The book only had about 75 pages (it is now about 300)

may - got agent
june finished bright
July - she reviewed and revised
aug - reviewed and revised
sept - edits

Tess said...

Oh, yes - wishing you buckets of luck! Have a fun trip :)

Kelly said...

Have a great time today with your marketing speech and hanging with the authorly bunch!!
Good luck with subs in the next few weeks!!!

Christina Katz said...

Thanks for the link, Shelli. Hope we're going to do that guest post soon. :)

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Once again, awesomely helpful tips. Because i'm so clueless, i especially enjoyed the 'Understanding Twitter' site. Help for the clueless! Knock 'em dead at Mid-south!

monica said...

Great list - and I really enjoyed your recent interview on WoW! Not enough writers think of themselves as a "brand" so thanks for bringing it to the limelight. I included a bit of it on my blog...

Get Your Brand On

Thanks again!
- Monica