3 S.R. Johannes: Sunny Sunday: The Perfect Journey

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunny Sunday: The Perfect Journey

Another kickoff into Monday's Perk Project! (check out Suzanne Young's blog and Robin Mellom's blog for more perky posts tomorrow!)

We all want the perfect scenario when we write a book

write a book
in 3 months
submit to agents
all want fulls
get many offers
choose our #1 agent
submit to houses
with no revisions
book goes to auction
publishers fight over our book
finally get a 6 figure
and a series
with movie coming out
packed book signings
bestselling, award winning author
on Oprah
and all the kids think we're cool.

Wait, am I the only one?

Some of you may have seen this already video, but I thought it was perfect for my post today.

Don't we all see the book process like this?

But we all know this is a long shot.

It is a dream

But we go for the dream because it makes living so much better.

In reality, we all know that writing is a tough process. That publishing is an uphill battle.

But isn't it better than giving up?

I think we write better and are happier writers if we stay focused on enjoying the writing process. The joy of typing and hearing the keys of our computer clicking. The joy of getting into the book and feeling your heart channel something bigger. The feeling of finishing. The anticipation of submitting. The joy of getting requests and even personal rejections.

This bizarre thing we have all chosen is so worth the climb. (can you tell the Miley Cyrus song is still on the brain?)

The climb to possibility. The climb away from a lesser self.

The ascending passion in our hearts.

And as we hike up this mountain, we need to remember to smell the flowers, enjoy our surroundings, make friends, breathe, and appreciate the fact that we have found our passion.

And someday, when we reach the top - after struggling over rough terrain and through crappy weather - we may realize the view is just as beautiful from below and above - its just different.

Writing is not easy and the journey can be hard and frustrating and sometimes feel completely impossible.

But I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Would you?


Jenna said...

Haha, I hadn't seen that yet! Thanks for sharing. Oh, if it were only that easy...

Kim Kasch said...

Oh I love this scenario. If only...

jonas wunderman said...

... definitely not!

Interesting blog you have here. I'll be back, poking around!


Windsong said...

Awesome post! Something everyone could use a reminder on: enjoying the journey instead of rushing through to get to the destination. :D

beth said...

Love that video :)

And so true--nothing I'd rather be doing...

Lisa and Laura said...

God, way to burst our bubble Shelli! Ha! Too funny.

Lauren said...

What?! That doesn't happen?? ;-P

I dunno, I enjoy feed back and have been enjoying working on my novel. I feel badly that it has taken so long, but mostly just because I don't want it to look bad to a future agent/publisher since I hope to write a series.

Suzanne Young said...

Thanks for posting that vid. haha. I loved it!

Corey Schwartz said...

OMG, that video was hilarious. How do you find this stuff!