3 S.R. Johannes: Friday's Marketing Round Up (5/29)

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday's Marketing Round Up (5/29)

Note: If anyone out there is going to LA and plays acoustic guitar (and can learn something quickly) can you contact me offline - I have an idea!

Here are my fav posts on marketing your books:

A Book's Production Process - Learn how books are put together from cover to copy. (

Though this is not traditional marketing, I like this article because it gives you an idea of what goes into the book cover and book copy. As we all know that is what sells our book so I thought it was an interesting article for this week's roundup.

7 mistakes publisher's make when creating a book - Did you know 75% of booksellers say that the cover is the most important element of the book. No wonder we get nervous! John Kremer lists things you should avoid in a book cover. (This is for all those agent and editor lurkers - you know who you are ;)

Jacket Copy sells books - As authors you usually get a chance to see and possibly review your jacket copy. KNow what to look for!

Is marketing an art or a science? Seth thinks it's both. (So do I!)

When giving away free ebooks makes sense. Alot of authors give away free ebkkos to drive up their sales. Find out when that rerally works and when it doesn't.

Combine Virtual Tours with Live Tours - Authors can combine online book touring with live book touring and still reap the benefits of never having to leave their house, not to mention how much money it saves all the way around.

Have a great weekend! ;)


adrienne said...

Interesting fact about the book covers!

beth said...

Great links! This reminds me...I need to do a linkspam soon....

Crystal said...

Thanks for the links, Shelli! That's really interesting about book covers & jackets. Something to really pay attention to when we get that book deal!

Also, Congratulations on your AGENT! WHOO HOO! And thanks for sharing who it is next week! I'm looking forward to reading about your journey up to this point. Here's to a speedy sale!

Oh yes, a while back you asked me in a comment what my work-in-progress (a MG historical) was about. I have a very brief note about it now on the right side of my blog. And thanks so much for your interest!

chandlermariecraig said...

Thanks for the link round up. I've been really interested in how and why authors are giving away free ebooks.

Danyelle said...

Great tips! Thanks for putting the links together. :D

Sliding on the Edge said...

Yep, those covers are important. I find my eye going to certain books on the shelf, and I'm more apt to pick up one that has snagged my attention.

Love those illustrators.

Thanks for setting the information out so nicely.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I liked the article about free ebooks. I blogged about something similar.

As for the cover, I've seen it make and break books. And as a first time author, I've heard that you have very little control. The publisher decides the cover, and I think you have to cross your fingers and do a lot of praying!

Brit said...

Excellent links Shelli! Thanks.