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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Authors - Push it Real Good!

Gleeful Review

Who saw gLee last night? Was it not hilarious? I love those shows where you miss something as you are laughing. Thanks goodness for TIVO.

Favorite lines? (Most are from Sue :) and I laughed just writing these.
  • Sue: That was the most offensive thing I've seen in 20 years of teaching and that includes an elementary school production of Hair.
  • Sue: I took the liberty of highlighting some special ed classes. I'm sure you can find some recruits.
  • Mr Shu: Come up liven up - this is Disco!
  • Sue: You need 12 kids to qualify for Regionals. You have 5.5 including the cripple."
  • Sue - Hey buddy. I was just blasting my hammies. You want an iron tablet, it keeps your energy up while you're menstruating.
  • Principal Figgins: The toilets are broken again and they are being fixed. Let me warn you. We have zero tolerance for anyone soiling on school grounds.
  • Principal Figgins: I have not seen the student body this excited since Tiffany performed at the North Hills Mall!
  • Principal Figgins - I have provided a list of family friendly songs that reflect our community's values. Besides Jesus and balloons, there are also songs about the cirrus.
  • Principal Figgins: The dry cleaners here are just as good as the ones in Europe.
  • Sue: You remind me of a younger Sue Sylvester. Though you don't really have my bone structure.
In honor of Glee, I am going to do a post for authors on how they can....

Push it Real Good!

So I thought I would get back to doing some marketing posts besides my Marvelous Marketer series on Mondays and my Marketing Roundup on Fridays. I think I've been rambling too much about me lately.

Today, is for authors who has books out in the world or coming soon.

There are many things every author can do to PUSH their book out into the world.

1) The Gab factor-

  • Look for any place that you can reach kids or their parents. Bookstores, libraries, clubs, churches, chamber of commerce, schools, colleges, PTAs, writers clubs, workshops, seminars, conferences, book fairs, festivals, conventions, .
  • No matter what, provide an experience. Think about ways to get your audiences attention. For example: Christopher Paolini toured middle schools across the country dressed in medieval garbs as his character Eragon.
  • The More the merrier - Invite your customers or audience to your speaking engagements. Post them on your web site.
  • Do interviews on radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines.

2) The Write Way

  • Write an article for a group newsletter.
  • Write emails and letters to the media, bookstores, anyone who may be interested, about your book.
  • Create your own newsletter and send to people you meet (be sure to get permission and their emails!)
  • Write a series. Get a following.
  • Blog

3) You can't do it alone

  • Work with locals- they are generally happy to work with local authors. Especially libraries and independent bookstores. Personal connections always works.
  • Become a joiner. Join and be an active member in the appropriate trade and social associations. Help others.
  • Form alliances. Create a buddy system with another writer especially in different locations. Hook up for signings, tours. You can also promise to promote each other's work. For example, when you to a bookstore - you make sure your book and their book is in stock.
  • Do it for Charity - partner up with a charity you love and offer X% of profits in exchange for advertising, speaking engagements etc.
  • Be a teacher - teach a class at a college. teach a class to kids. Find a way to teach others about your subject.
  • Join groups like myspace, facebook, twitter where you can reach a lot of people fast.

4) And the winner is...

  • Submit your book to the appropriate contests for awards or honors.
  • Awards are listed in the Literary Marketplace and a book called The Writers Resource Handbook.
  • Nominations or honorable mentions are just as good as winning.
  • Run your own contests. Give away books to the winners.

5) Make it newsworthy

  • Get reviews. Not just from from major national book reviewers. Look for local or special interest media that do reviews. Free magazines in Atlanta can get up to 20,000 issues out.
  • Use galleys and any copies you buy in A SMART WAY.
  • Do not send out books or galleys until you have personally contacted the person and they are expecting it.
  • Have a press/media kit ready to send.

6) Repeat!

  • Make 5 contacts a day - mail a letter, make a call, send out a press release,
  • The rule of 7 - Did you know the average seller has to touch a consumer 7 times in 18months to get a sale. This means your buyer sees an ad, reads an interview, sees a review etc. Those are all touches.

To me, as a marketing professional, if your book is published and has not sold, you are either not marketing it right or not marketing it at all.


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Lea Michele is GOLD. Loved it.

Vicky Alvear Shecter said...

Caught the show for the first time last night. LOVED it! Everytime i read your list (and trust me, I've read it a couple of times because I enjoyed the show so much!)I smile. Now I'm going to have pay more attention so i can see what should go on "the list!"

Jessie Oliveros said...

Great advice. I hope that I get to the point one day that I can use all these tips!

Crystal said...

Great advice, Shelli! If I ever get a book deal (or even better, when I get an agent), I'll be coming here first to review these tips. Thanks so much for sharing them!

Diana Paz said...

All of these are so great, thanks!! Unpubbed as I still am, I can't help daydreaming about the marketing I'll do someday if I'm lucky enough.

I'm linking this over to a forum I post at, thanks again! :)

Karen said...

Great post, Shelli!

I am such a gleek. A marketer, not so much. But Hubbykins, thankfully, works in marketing, and I'm willing to learn. (And, thus, thankful for posts like this one.) :)